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Reiki Training and Treatments

About Grace


I have often described myself as a Renaissance woman as I have a wide range of passions and practices: yoga, meditation, reading, fitness, organic gardening, healthy cooking, parenting, and travel.  My interest in healthy living and personal development led me to the fields of coaching, Reiki, and wellness.  I have owned my North Andover-based company, Balance with Grace, since 2000.  As a Reiki Master Teacher,  Professional Certified Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, and author of Balance with Grace:  Celebrate the Kaleidoscope of Life, my work is about helping people move from striving to thriving.  I do this by:

  • providing Reiki training and treatments to restore balance
  • offering life and wellness coaching to facilitate positive change
  • leading meditations to bring people home to their true nature

 Knowing that there is no set formula for achieving balance, success or optimal health, I partner with clients to find approaches that are uniquely suited to them.