Reiki Master Training

You learn how to pass attunements.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

You learn how to teach Reiki classes.

​You learn how to

Reiki I

During the first level of Reiki training you receive an attunement to
activate your energy channels and tune you in, like a radio, to the frequency of Reiki. This 
gives you lifetime access to Reiki energy which can be used as a rejuvenating self-care practice and means to support healing in yourself, friends, family, and pets. ​​ You learn about the chakra energy system and practice self-treatments and giving treatments to others..

Reiki II

Reiki II training expands your capacity to be a conduit for Reiki.
You learn and are attuned to three powerful Reiki II symbols-the
Empowerment/Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, and the Distance/Absent symbol. You explore ways to use crystals with Reiki and deepen your understanding of the chakra energy system.

As well as providing access to Reiki energy, many people find that the
attunements received during the different levels of Reiki Training increase their intuitive abilities, raisestheir energetic vibration, and enhance their spiritual development.

Reiki III

In Reiki III/Advanced Reiki Training you learn how to use and will be attuned to the Reiki Master symbol. You will learn how to create a crystal grid for continuous healing will meet your Reiki guide. You learn a psychic surgery technique and will deepen your knowledge of the chakras.

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Reiki Training and Treatments

Levels of Reiki