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Reiki Training and Treatments


Anyone who would like to have a tool to comfort and soothe themselves or others can benefit from learning Reiki. We’ve probably all had the experience of seeing our child or someone else we love suffer.  Out of instinct we to want to reach out to touch them, and will often put our hands on the affected area or “kiss the boo-boo.” With Reiki, you can add healing energy to your loving touch.  Many professionals—coaches, nurses, EMTs, medical professionals, massage therapists, and other bodyworkers find that Reiki enhances the results of their work.

Why learn Reiki? 

I had Reiki I training with Grace and what a fantastic experience it was! She's caring, sensitive and a great teacher! I'm looking forward to Reiki II training with her in the near future

​--Ann M.

It's easy to learn Reiki

Anyone,can learn Reiki.  Once it’s passed on through an attunement, it’s immediately accessible and can be tapped into at any time, regardless of how frequently you use it. 

I would highly recommend Grace's Reiki training. She creates a peaceful, soothing atmosphere using all the senses. I loved her presentation style; she was able to simplify complex concepts while presenting important information. I also liked how she had us commit to taking some action steps immediately. I walked away with a plethora of resources, tips, and techniques.
--Laurie G