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Reiki Training and Treatments

I couldn’t believe how warm/hot Grace’s hands got. It seemed that the temperature of her hands varied with how congested or sore different areas of my body were. Compared to the other types of bodywork I've had as an athlete, I found it a comforting and non-invasive treatment. It was very relaxing and calming. Afterwards my lower back was less stiff, my congestion loosened up, I slept better, and I had  more energy.—Cathy L.

Grace is amazing! She's super professional and her services are wonderful! She really helped me when I was going through a rough patch in my life. Reiki has proven for me to be transformative for the mind, body and soul. Grace is the real deal and I highly recommend her.—Brooke B.

During an in-person Reiki treatment, you will lie on a massage table unless you prefer to sit in a chair.  You will remain fully clothed but will remove your shoes, jewelry, watch, and belt.   We'll create a soothing environment with your choice of music.  We'll make you as comfortable as possible with a pillow, bolster, and blanket. We'll discuss what needs healing and what you are hoping to get from the session.  You'll be asked if you prefer a hands-on or hands-off treatment.  You'll relax with your eyes closed as I move my hands to different areas of the body.  My hands will remain still in each hand position as Reiki energy flows through my palms to you.

​Every body is unique, so individual experiences with Reiki vary. You might feel temperature changes; you might feel tingling; you might fall asleep-all experiences are normal. We allow time for you to ask questions, talk about your experiences, and ground any new awareness. 

What to expect with Reiki?